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Moisturizer - for face and body for woman and baby (250 ml)

A gentle cream with a particularly pleasant scent that soothes and enriches the skin with moisture with the help of a nutritious mixture of coconut, jojoba, shea and calendula oils.


Shampoo + bath soap (2 in 1) - face and body for woman and baby (300 ml)

Shampoo and bath lotion is a preparation with a gentle foam, due to its unique formula, ideal for your facial skin and / or for the hair and body of babies and toddlers.

Extremely gentle, protects sensitive skin from dehydration, thanks to the moisturizing ingredients.

Aloe vera and calendula oils that provide moisture, combined with chamomile make the product a favorite for women, men and babies. 

Leaves skin clean and moisturized. Makes it easy to comb baby hair after bathing.



** Also available for purchase as part of a boutique box containing: face cream (moisturizer) + bath soap + lavender oil - 159 NIS.


A boutique box with face and body cream and face and body soap

  • Licensed by the Ministry of Health

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