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In a Lavender Field
The match between the body and nature
The longing of our body 
For natural products

There are wonderful herbs in nature  Giving an answer for our body. 
they Are available for us and for our body. 
Chamomile, lavender, jojoba, coconut, shea butter, calendula and more. . .
When we incorporate them into products and use them on a daily basis - our body thanks us.

Just as we think about what to put into the body -
  This is how we should think about what to apply to our skin ♥ 
A boutique box containing:
Lavender oil for direct application (30 ml)
Face and body moisturizer - coconut, shea butter, calendula and jojoba (250 ml)
Face and body soap - chamomile, calendula and jojoba (300 ml)


Face and body moisturizer (250 ml)

Face and body cream

A gentle cream that enriches the skin with moisture.

Whether for baby skin or for you, for use from head to toe.

The multi-purpose lotion soothes and enriches with moisture with the help of a nutritious mixture of jojoba, shea, coconut and calendula.

Shampoo + face and body soap 2 in 1 (250 ml)

Facial soap that is also used as a shampoo and bath lotion - a product with a gentle foam, due to its unique formula, ideal for your facial skin.

Also suitable for baby and toddler hair and body.

Extremely gentle, protects sensitive skin from dehydration, thanks to the moisturizing ingredients.

Contains aloe vera and calendula oils which provide moisture, combined with chamomile which make the product high quality for you or the baby.

Leaves skin clean and moisturized. Makes it easy to comb baby hair after bathing.

Natural lavender oil (30 ml)

A natural oil for direct application to the skin

In the process of producing natural oil, unlike the traditional process,

Lavender flowers stay in Tishrit for a long time, quality base oil,

What gives the power of nature and makes magic happen -

Soothes every part and part of the body

** All products are approved by the Ministry of Health

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