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In a Lavender Field
A boutique box containing:
Lavender oil (30 ml)
Face and body moisturizer (250 ml)
Face and body soap (300 ml)
At a special price of 145 NIS 

Instead of 159 NIS
Special price of
145 NIS!

59 NIS 

65 NIS 

39 NIS 

כרטיס אשראי לרוחב.jpg
Lavender Fields
The connection between the body and nature
The longing of our body 
For natural products

There are wonderful herbs in nature
Providing a solution for our body
We just have to understand that they are right here, available to us and to our body. . .
Chamomile, lavender, jojoba,
Coconut, rosemary, hyssop,
Shea butter, calendula
And when we incorporate them into products
And use them on a daily basis
Our body thanks us.
Just as we think about what to put into the body - so we must think about what to apply to our skin ♥


For orders over 150 NIS 
Free shipping !!!
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