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It was only after I discovered your oil - I realized how much I was missing it

All the years !!

Just a wonder oil -

Instantly soothes the rule (abdominal cramps, bites, burns, edema and much more)

Pleasant scent and well absorbed into the skin - thank you :)



Thanks to the lovely Shiri and after years of migraines, I recommend the amazing lavender oil that skipped me a lot of severe headaches, a few drops on the temple when the pain starts and without noticing disappears.

So thank you thank you



Must note. I suffer from migraines from the age of about 0.

Anyone who suffers or suffers from migraines always has the feeling that nothing really helps.

I bought Shiri's oil with a lot of skepticism.

True, nothing really helps migraines but I was surprised to find the spot relief effect that oil has.

It soothes the skin cramps that result from migraines and gives a relief feeling for quite long periods.

Migraine is a phenomenon that if you do not catch it in time and treat it, nothing will help it and I must point out that the oil relieves the feeling of pain to a considerable extent even after the migraine has intensified.

Highly recommend for migraines



What an amazing oil!

Passed on my daughter viral warts that started to develop overnight! In addition, he helped me and several companies against headaches.

Each time there was a surprised reaction that just after a quarter of an hour the pain goes away.

Really recommended oil !!

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 About a week ago I purchased the magic oil.

I used it on a burn I made for myself over the lip

(Really wounded due to improper use of hair removal)

Such a burn that should first freeze and then peel off.

In short, there was supposed to be a lengthy process.

Within a few days the burn disappeared without the scab stage.

I was very surprised.

Really magic !!!



I have been walking around for months with acute headaches that do not stop.

I listened to a friend's recommendation and tried this oil and to my surprise the headaches disappeared…

A real rescue !!!



An amazing and highly recommended oil and the variety of uses is great!

Very relieves me in time




Would highly recommend lavender oil from Magic Oil !!!

Helps with headaches, helps get rid of pimples and even acne!


Natural and comfortable to use ..

Well done !

תודה שירי על סדנא נהדרת!

הגעתי אתמול בערב להשתתף בסדנא בה הכנו בהנחייתך הנעימה מגוון של מוצרים טבעיים.

חליטת צמחים לתה ושפע של ידע שחלקת מנסיונך.

תודה ענקית על ערב נעים ומהנה!!!

נשאר טעם של עוד!

ממליצה באהבה!


המוצרים של קסם השמן פשוט מדהימים.

לקרם יש מרקם עדין ונעים, הריח משגע והשילוב של הרכיבים בשמן הלוונדר בעל סגולות המרפא אני משתמשת להכל מעקיצות ועד חרדות.

בסבון השתמשתי גם לי וגם לתינוק אחרי הלידה. ממליצה בחום!

המלצה חמה על השמן הנפלא ועל שירי שעומדת מאחוריו עם המון אהבה ♥

וואו הקרם חלומי!!!

הריח נעים והוא ממש עושה את העבודה ♥

בעלי לוקח לפעמים וחושב שאני לא רואה :)

אין לי ספק בכלל שאזמין ממך תמיד כשזה ייגמר.

תודה רבה על

קרם מדהים ♥

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