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Aloe Vera

Hi, my name is Shiri Shmuelov, the charm of the oil, mother of three lovely and a partner to my husband💕

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A few years ago I suffered from a very irritating itch in my armpit for a long time,
After many searches of natural treatments, I found myself (by chance or not ...)
Somewhere, in a magical desert in the south of the country.
A calm and charming person came to explain to us about a variety of herbs,
My friend and I sat captivated and wrote down the qualities and qualities of each and every plant that was there.
I felt so connected to him, I could really understand that this was what I was looking for,
That in our nature is the power - the healing power for our physical body.
Of course I strongly believe that the mind must be healthy within the body and therefore we must
Come to terms with the whole of our lives and love ourselves and those around us,
Being in good communication (less criticism, judgment, etc ... it brings anger)
And pay attention to those around us.
After the wonderful explanation about the plants, within about a week I had already created a garden of herbs under the house
I continued to research and study and within about a month I had already started making oils.
I really enjoyed making the oils and using the products that nature created for us.
In daily use was and still is lavender oil and therefore
I decided I had to spread the word to those around me
And I started preparing for them too and of course they also fell in love with it 💕
Until inquiries started coming in from people I did not know 
So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right
Helping people rediscover nature — making it accessible to everyone
After all, we all know that many plants have healing properties and thanks to their medicinal properties they are very effective in treating a variety of conditions and therefore we use them and combine them in various cosmetics.  our. 

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